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I am a Vancouver based freelance writer specializing in blogging and gaming.
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What people say about me and my work

Matt’s been a tremendous asset to the team at Blizzard Watch. He has consummate knowledge of his coverage areas, he meets deadlines without fail, and he’s quick to break news or respond to feedback. I couldn’t ask for a better writer.

Elizabeth HarperEditorBlizzard Watch

Matt was open to feedback throughout his assignment, kept the lines of communication open and clear, drew on a deep knowledge of the subject matter, and nailed his deadlines. He had all the hallmarks of a professional writer…and it was only later that I found out I was hiring him for his first print assignment. What I’d asked him to do, the way he did it, was something he’d never attempted, and he knocked it out of the park. If I ever have the opportunity to hire Matt again, I will, without hesitation.

Dan Amrich
Dan AmrichEditor, Warcraft magazine, Future US

I hired matt as a freelancer for the official World of Warcraft Magazine. He was professional in his interactions, knew the content material inside and out and followed the guidelines given him very well to produce terrific articles that worked well within the magazine’s style.

Josh Augustine
Josh AugustineEditor, Warcraft magazine, Future US

I had the opportunity to work with Matt during my time at the World of Warcraft Official Magazine, most notably when he interviewed me at BlizzCon 2011 with questions about the magazine. He was extremely easy to work and communicate with, and carried himself professionally. I have complete confidence that his ability to properly prioritize tasks based on importance and work between multiple parties will be a huge asset to him in any company that he’s a part of.

Andy Salisbury
Andy SalisburyEditor, Warcraft magazine, Future US

I supervised Matt in his work for specific sections within the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Strategy Guide. He was incredibly easy to work with, followed all instructions to the letter, needed very little in the way of corrections or revisions, and produced quality work. I’d gladly work with him again in future projects.

Anne StickneyLead Writer, Warlords of Draenor Strategy Guide

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Writing and blogging

Written strategy, news, opinion pieces, and event coverage. For Hearthstone, that included eSports events and analysis. For World of Warcraft, it meant explaining difficult concepts into something accessible. Underlying goals are ensuring that readers leave having gained useful insight.


Strong knowledge of WordPress’ capabilities. Deployed numerous websites for various projects including blogs, magazine style news sites, and online communities. Capable of modifying visual elements to suit site objectives.

Streaming and video

Produced and hosted shows on Twitch with a focus on both entertainment and education. With Hearthstone, it includes highlighting cards in an upcoming expansion and demonstrating new decks against live opponents. Familiarity with YouTube and editing software to create video content for appropriate audiences.


I’ve helped launch multiple blogs and online communities with tried and true strategies in gradually developing readership over time. Able to help optimize sites for SEO and develop the right approach for your digital presence.

Social Media

Familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitch strategies for boosting subscriber counts and ensuring relevant content is seen by the right audience. Engagement with readers, followers, and viewers are the key!


Fluent in proposing and planning digital or on-site events. Knowledgeable in running local and online tournaments with Challonge, XFire, and BattleFy gaming platforms. Capable of mediating disputes between players and officials while keeping events running on time and on schedule.

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